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Anthro Lecture Notes (2-14-14)
Anthro Lecture Notes (2-14-14)

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University of California - Irvine
James Egan

Anthro 2A Notes – 2/14/14 I) Leadership, influence, and authority A) Headman: B) Bigman: certain kinds of institution like moka. Bigmen that run parts of the society C) Chief: - Ascribed status - Authority of office - Kinship: chief are chiefs over only their clan, not over other clans. Each clan has their own chief - Redistribution: D) Leaders of states: - Diversity: ascribed status, or achieved like president of the US. It may be a single person or maybe a whole group - Authority over all in territory: they have ahtority over everyone in there area. Obama over US E) Constrasting leaders and their capacity to mobilize labor - How effective are we to get people together to work on some collective project? • Bigman o Has influence but not really any authority o Build and manage social relationships o They want to be influential individuals so they can get followers o Limits on mobilizing labor of others: it taks a lot of work and time to get and maintain followers • Chief o Authority of office o Highly elaborated structures of kinship o Mobilize labor of more people • State o Authority over everyone in territory o Mobilize labor of greatness II) Anthropological fieldwork: A) Anthropologists use many methods of data collection B) Ethnography: go some place and learn with people for awhile and live in their context. Long term research o Holism: the importance of context o Context is so important, seeing how they are related. o Social and cultural relations are always to some degree, integrated. o Note: the most inmportant thing for the nue
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