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Anthro Lecture Notes (3-5-14)

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James Egan

Anthro 2A Notes – 3/5/14 I. Intro to “Spirits of Resistance” A. Malaysia 1. Geography – Near Indonesia in Pacific Ocean 2. Formerly a British colony 3. Now independent nation; wants to industrialize and change their relations with other nations to move up in the capitalist world system – how? (3 world country) – invite foreign investment 4. 2020 Program – to become fully industrialized by year 2020 (full industrialization; change position and move in world system – how? By encouraging foreign companies to come to Malaysia – to come and build factories here) a. Encourage by making it very attractive – cut back taxes, labor laws – to make bigger profits – entice them to come b. Electronic Industry – that produce microchips for computers have settled and set up state of the art factories to assemble microchips in Malaysia – hired people from countryside – poor people, peasants; mostly want to hire single young woman from countryside to work here – of course these women need to be changed to become good industrialized workers – economic development -Come indirectly by talking about what’s happening to Malaysian women B. Factories hiring women for microchip assembly II. Recount transformation in capitalist world system A. Routinization of Production 1. Automation and technology has changed – robots now doing most work and workers just have to do repetitive work – ex) moving lever up and down 2. Management techniques – Taylorism – approach to how to develop and how to set-up shop – one person do the same job – what’s most efficient way of laying out shop – assemblyline but with different parts – if different parts go together, need to put near each other so spatially efficient – everything towards cost efficiency and efficiency in general  all become very routinized – don’t need skilled labor B. 3 World Periphery & Semi-Periphery 1. Great deal of poverty and low-standards of living; as a result, people in these areas will work for low wages a. Historical reasons – Factory comes in  Word gets out  Paid work even though only $.80/hr  Scramble for work C. Multinational Corporations (MNC’s) 1. Tapping cheap labor pools 2. Low wage workers very attractive for these corporations  more profit to keep at the end of the day 3. Already cost to build the factory, to ship parts and equipment to the factory; save money on labor  cheap 4. CEO is responsible to shareholders – they can vote you out & you need to compete with other companies D. Trend: Heavily routinized production is increasingly done less in the core and more in the semi-periphery and even periphery countries moving into semi-periphery 1. ex) USA companies – some manufacture here but most have left for other parts in the world for cheaper labor 2. Also means more competition for p
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