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Anthro Lecture Notes (1-10-14)

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University of California - Irvine
James Egan

Anthro 2A Notes – 1/10/14 I) Race – cultural categories in the hands of science th A) Science & Quantification – late 19 century, science advancing – but mostly individual rigor and biases about natural world – need agreement between the perspectives -Put things in numbers so agreement on measurement is easy – quantitative analysis -How you did the measurements, experiments, and include the how-to-do so someone else can replicate B) Craniometry – show superiority of white European men through solid number facts -superiority of the westerners and men with assumption through numbers? Or with what you began with?  no conclusion, an assumption, now I will prove it to you -idea that smart people have bigger brains and bigger heads; stupid people have smaller brains and heads  so measure people’s heads -apriority – data will provide with what people already know to be true; if data doesn’t meet up with expectation  excuses or even fake data II) Example – Robert Bennet Bean -research in function of brain during his era & general idea between frontal and posterior brain -anterior brain – genu – language; cognition; problem solving / posterior brain - splenium – sensory motors -Physician and amateur craniologist – show superiority of white over black and men over women ;; more of brain would be given to genu in whites and men -found perfect data with his experiments – all white had bigger heads; all men had bigger heads than women  published results -Prof Franklin Mall at John Hopkins Uni – became suspicious  no data is ever perfect  replicated his research  20% were same brains as Bean’s -- 1 notable exception aside from replicating experiment – measured the brain/heads of subjects blind to not see the race or gender of subject;
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