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Shin Lin

Lecture – Time Thursday, January 31, 2013 Key terms Temporality - time sense or reckoning Nuer time (evans-pritchard) - idea that time comes from nature, particularly cattle Ecological time Structural time Cattle time - See Nuer Time Task orientation - having tasks to complete. Compared to working a job, where you are expected to work for set number of hours, tasks may be completed at any time and leave you with free time Clock time - current standards of using clocks to tell time Family workshop vs factory production - industrialization led families to work in factories rather than at home - mass production rather than homemade goods Alienation - people became isolated from their work when mass production took the stage; no longer part of entire process Time is often spoken of in linear terms (past present future) Don’t waste my time Time in units, it adds up quickly Has it always been linear, existing universally and independent of human will? Has it always been the measurement of work? No it isn't a measurement of work What are the different understandings of time and temporality that might change our understandings of the relation between work and life? We time ourselves when we work Time is expensive - we don't like to waste time - takes away from work 1. Temporality Time sense - ep thompson Time reckoning How we make sense of "time", how we inhabit time, however order events and understand their significances in our lives 1. Nuer time Nuerland Nuer are obsessed with the cattle they raise and breed Ep proclaimed that if you want to truly unerstand the Nuer people you have to be cattle minded like them Ecological time: time that reflects the relation between Nuer and their natural environment Neur understandings and uses of: Seasons, time keeping, timepiece (Catttle clock) Their seasons don't depend on rain Two halves of neur structural t
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