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Lecture 7

ART HIS 40B Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Purgatory, Remittance, Clerestory

Art History
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Lyle Massey

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January 25, 2017
Early Christian Beliefs
1. The resurrection of Christ foretells the resurrection of men.
2. All mankind will be resurrected body and soul (Christians believed in this split but
theological disputes exist about how the split works).
3. Resurrection will happen at the end of the world in the Last Judgment where Christ will
act as the judge of souls and determine who is saved and who is damned.
4. Because the body was interred after death, the place of the soul is unclear.
5. By the 12th c., official Christian doctrine decreed that most souls (barring saints’ souls
which ascend directly to Heaven) go to purgatory, a place of temporal punishment for
those who haven’t fully paid for their earthly transgressions.
6. Indulgences were granted by the church to individuals who took it upon themselves to
engage in extreme acts of penance. They were NOT a forgiveness of sin, but partial
remittance from punishment of purgatory or a time segment reduction of time spent
waiting in punishment for the Last Judgment.
Autun’s Saint-Lazare
contains both Old and New Testament scenes of sculpture
lintel – a horizontal beam above the doorway
archivolt – band of molding following contours of the arch
jambs – the side posts of the doorway
trumeau – the stone column supporting the lintel
sunrise and sunset (east and west sides of the church) correspond to
Jesus’ death and resurrection
relief decoration on trumeau made up of partially attached lifesize
West Portal sculpture (image #1): tympanum contains scenes of the
Last Judgment made by Gislebertus, 1120-35
message for pilgrims who enter church – need to repent in order to escape the wrath
of God
led to cemetery, reminder of death
Christ is a gigantic figure, mandola (aurial light), four angels blowing trumpets
the saved are on Christ’s right (dexter) while the damned on left (sinister)
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