ART HIS 40B Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Psalm 127, Scivias, Marginalia

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5 Feb 2017

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February 3, 2017
Manuscript Illumination Continued
gloss: commentary on extra-textual addition to text itself
in the Lindisfarne Gospels (image #1), it is a word for
word English translation of the Latin text added by
text takes on multiple voices
Some Types of Illuminated Books
Book of Hours: book of prayers and offices to be recited at canonical times of day
Psalter: collection of sacred songs and hymns for liturgical use
Missal: texts relating to performance of masses throughout calendar year
Breviary: text containing services for everyday use
Moralizing Bible: newly introduced in Gothic period, illustrated bible that compared
scenes of Old and New Testament
Bestiary: treatise on animals, both real and mythical, often with a moralizing view
texts chanted out loud were written in black ink
texts addressed to monks were written in red ink
The Order of Illuminations: Bedford Hours and Psalters, c. 1420
opening of Psalm – 8 lines high
principal subdivision – 6 lines high
individual lines
different sizes of Illuminations show importance
visual ordering imitates hierarchical ordering of society
babuini: monkey business
example: Missal, Petrus de Raimbeaucourt, 1323
Book of Hours, Psalm 127
figure reinserts piece of text that scribe forgot, England, 14th c.
raises question of the truth of text
increased interest of monks for texts from antiquity
some knowledge comes somewhere other than God
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