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Lecture 10

ART HIS 40B Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Codex Vaticanus, Aztec Codices, Vatican Library

Art History
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Lyle Massey

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Study Questions
Eloise Quiñones-Keber “Collecting Cultures:
A Mexican Manuscript in the Vatican Library”
Terms that are important for understanding this article: screen fold, codex,
1. Why were Europeans so fascinated with Aztec screen-fold books? Are there any
authentic Aztec screen fold books in European collections (that is, books that were made
pre-conquest?)? What is the difference between a screen fold and a codex? Do they
require different forms of reading?
2. How were most of the screenfold books that do exist in European collections probably
3. How did the European “editors” change the screenfold type? What features were added
or changed in Codex Vaticanus A that most likely do not reflect Aztec book forms? How
do these changes and additions show us what Europeans were interested in?
3a. How does CVA show the gods in the Aztec Divinatory almanac? How does
this approach diverge from the one taken in Aztec-produced screenfolds?
3b. What is “ethnography” and what aspects of CVA are ethnographic?
4. What are the negative and positive aspects of the European view of Aztec culture
expressed in the Codex Vaticanus A?
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