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Lecture 12

ART HIS 42C Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Kamakura Period

Art History
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Douglas Winther

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Funakoshi Katsura
Has plenty of skill
Has chisels similar to those used on Horyu-ji
Works very intensely with a lot of tools and a lot of skill → brings about a certain finish in
the wood
Buff pigment into wood
Eyes are similar to Gyokugan (glassy eyes) from the Kamakura Period; Funakoshi is
using a different technique (polished marbles and painting the pupil onto it)
Pale man
Canfer wood: spiritually significant wood; has a fragrance to it that was spiritually
important in Buddhist history
*wood still looks like wood but looks very much like human skin at the same time
Polishes other areas of the wood
Pale woman
He’s not trying to trick you that it isn’t wood -- the cracks are present (nature of wood
seen through the chiseled texture)
A Night Will Stay
Made a transition from realistic portraiture → human faces in conjunction with animal
ears and mountain like vessels
Kato Izumi
Moving to a different time of sensibility
Bodies are described to be like zombies, have cut off feet, childlike proportions
Exaggerated genitalia
*Anxieties about aging societies (Japan: lowest birth rates in the world)
Two reclining figures
Work is getting better → inlaid stones, better embedded color
Plants are growing out of a woman’s body
Grow out of her orifices
Like a hospital cot
Growing but not birthing in a human manner
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