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Lecture 10

ART HIS 42C Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Flag Of Japan, Screen Printing, Hiroshima Peace Memorial

Art History
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Douglas Winther

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Realism: photojournalism, very little pretension to art, some would be offended if their
work was called “art”; were printed in newspapers rather than seen in art museums,
photography became a huge industry, Japan became a huge manufacturer of cameras,
photography becomes a popular pursuit, exposing people to the problems
What you see is something that is out there in the world
Individualism: a desire for the photographer to be an artist; is a creative individual with a
unique vision; Mishima Yukio - piece of visual theatre (bizarre, not everyday
circumstance); transposed over another picture (Italian baroque painting)
Provoke: name of a journal, published briefly; centered on use of photography for a
philosophical inquiry (how images make people think about the world)
Intentionally “bad” photography - blurry, sky looks like concrete
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