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Lecture 35

ART HIS 42C Lecture Notes - Lecture 35: Haiyang, Kobayashi Kiyochika, Art History

Art History
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Douglas Winther

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Professor Winther Tamaki
Art history department
Art History 42 C
Japanese Art History
Course Code 21020
Discussion code 21021
4 units
No Pre-Reqs
11:00 - 11:50 MWF
Location: HG1800
Kiyochika, our fleet sinks a chinese warship, 1894
Sea battle
Made all of japanese ships white
Enemy chinese ships black
Helped organize imagery for viewing public
Decided that the real drama that should be focused on is beneath the water
Ship sinking
Based off artists imagination
See ppl drowning under water
Imagery of sea battle during russo-japanese war different than previous war
Most focused upon photography
See the mechanics of powerful weapons being used on these ships
Gun being fired on a warship of the imperial navy in the vicinity of haiyang island,
mizuno toshikata, 1894
Close copy to an artwork during 1894 in british art literature
***Loading on board a man of war, practice with a six inch loading gun, williams
heysham overend, 1894
26 shots turned out ammunition room into a scene of carnage, 1896
Not published
Illustration from a book
This image was held back bc too bloody and gory
Demoralizing to those who had family in military
Mitsutani , kunishiro, death of captain hayashi, oil painting, 1897
Larger image than woodblock
Death of a hero
Was publicized
Not blood initially, was added on
Avant-Garde Art
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