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Lecture 40

ART HIS 42C Lecture Notes - Lecture 40: Landscape Architecture, Art History, Muromachi Period

Art History
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Douglas Winther

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Professor Winther Tamaki
Art history department
Art History 42 C
Japanese Art History
Course Code 21020
Discussion code 21021
4 units
No Pre-Reqs
11:00 - 11:50 MWF
Location: HG1800
Tale of Genji, early 12th c.
Tells a story of a prince called Geji
Its a romance of all of the amorous relationship that prince geji had
Fundamental social structure like aristocrats that had separate powers with each of his
Men had multiple wives
54 chapters to this text
This is chapter 34
Creative interaction between visual painter making and the script it illustrates
Shows us people inside the building couldn’t see the prince because of the roof and the
interior design
Elaborate layers of silk
Unique illustrative technique is that the emotional tension is expressed by the space but
not faces, the strange angle depicts the emotional tension
Legend of Mount Shigi, late 12th c.
Layer in colors, feminine style in painting
A lot of paint lost
Garment was white, purplish color is a product of deterioration in pigments of color
Generates a greater sense of motion, more dynamic sort of imagery
Striking dramatic develop of art form
Female style and masculine style
Gardens (Muromachi 1333-1573)
Creative developments of the art of the garden
Manipulating plants
Tremendous consequences
Landscape gardener, type of garden where there is no water
Zen buddhism is the important form of buddhism at this time in Japan
Most influential form of buddhism
Secret garden manuals:
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