ART HIS 40C Lecture 11: Romanticism 2 – England, Constable and Turner

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Art History
N I S B E T, J.

April 26, 2017 Lecture 11: Romanticism continued – England Germany, Friedrich continued Evening, 1824 • explicitly resisted just painting clouds • not just what’s present in natural world • “copying” what’s out in world J. M. W. Turner, Rain, Steam, and Speed: The Great Western Railway, 1844 • factories = increased production and greater need to find further markets • smog from train intermixes with environment ◦ what is natural/produced by industrial machinery ◦ impacting one another John Constable Hadleigh Castle, The Mouth of the Thames – Morning After a Stormy Night, 1829 • London – major city, similar to modern metropolis ◦ portrays castle in ruins, not in city Hadleigh Castle, oil sketch, 1829 • oil sketches on-site outdoors • works quickly, rough brushstrokes • committed to depicting world in real time – interest in cloud patterns • water/clouds different in sketch and finished • vs. Claude Monet, Rouen Cathedral: Portal in Sunlight, 1894 ◦ depicts drawings in light, paints all outside, impressionism ◦ Constable – assumed to be impressionist because he sketched outside • vs. Nicolas Poussin, Landscape with a Calm, 1650 – not a particular field, idealism/perfection ◦ value not in reproduction but creation of landscape ◦ no central point of action, draws attention back to picture, long periods of concentration ◦ classical/allegorical landscapes • Constable in between Poussin and Monet – studies outdoors, capture fleeting moment but compositions different from sketch ◦ real experience of fleeting things and compositional ideals of c
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