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University of California - Irvine
Art History
N I S B E T, J.

April 14, 2017 Lecture 6: DutchArt continued Genre Paintings – Vermeer continued The Astronomer, c. 1668 • standing patron – rely on to purchase painting, consistent clients ◦ can take more time on works with confidence that private clients will purchase it ◦ more intricate details • two globes – terrestrial and celestial • stand up to tyrannical orders politely (especially religiously – Pope and Catholic Church) in background • astrolabe – condition of mercantile trade, necessary tool of going overseas • hand doesn’t quite make contact with globe ◦ vanishing point in wrist, linear perspective ◦ gesture – awareness of earthly being trying to think of heavens, beyond earth ◦ can’t touch or possess it • same Japanese robe as The Geographer, 1669 ◦ textiles imported from other side of world ◦ navigational map of Mediterranean ◦ caught in deep thought • interiority – condition of being in the interior… not just room but feeling of being on earth, in the town, in the Dutch Republic ◦ the way paintings are made as well – window facing North since best lighting comes from north The Art of Painting, c. 1662-5 • map of Dutch provinces – located in Dutch Republic explicitly • painting that figure is painting – begins to paint floral crown ◦ light underdrawing/tinted canv
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