BIO SCI 194S Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Sharps Waste, Bloodborne, Chemical Waste

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19 Jul 2018
When disposing of biomedical sharps waste, the container should be 2/3 full before
scheduling a pick-up with EH&S
Which of the following statements is correct when disposing of chemical hazardous
- Chemical waste should never be discarded by intentional evaporation.
BETA radiation emissions CANNOT penetrate outter layer skin but CAN pose hazard only
inside the body
Standard Precautions decrease exposure to blood borne pathogens (BBP)
Solid biomedical waste must be placed in RED colored bag and labeled with the word bio
hazardous waste or with the international hazardous symbol.
Which of the following statements below is INCORRECT when it comes to minimizing
hazardous waste
- When possible use radioactive substances with half-lives less than 120 days
They blunt, sheath or withdraw the sharp protecting the worker from accidental sharps
injury describes an engineered sharps protective device and why is it important device
when working with Blood borne Pathogens
When working with radioactive materials you must use radiation detection instruments.
Which of the following instruments requires you test three times the background of the
work area:
- Geiger-Muller tube
- Liquid Scintillation Center
Which of the following radiation emissions poses an external hazard to skin and eyes and
an internal hazard if inside?
Needles should never be recapped, broken or sheared and must be disposed in a sharps
What makes up solid biomedical waste?
- Infectious agents
- Kim wipes, bench paper, and pipettes
- Waste form bacteria, viruses, spores, or live vaccines
- Contaminated cultures
You walk into the lab and notice that someone left a small spill of bio hazardous material
on the floor. What should you do?
- Inform people in the vicinity and limit access.
- Contact your PI and Facilities Management to clean the unknown spill
- Not clean up any unknown substances
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