BIO SCI 194S Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Biosafety Cabinet, Standard Operating Procedure, Biosafety

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19 Jul 2018
(LEC. 2) UCLC Lab Safety
What is the minimum wavelength level needed for penetration into the dermis?
- 300nm
What four items listed below are considered Administrative controls in laboratory safety?
- Chemical hygiene plans
- Required training
- Policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
- Signs and Labels
According to the article what are the downsides of using UV light in a biosafety cabinet?
- Areas hidden from the light are not disinfected
What is the optimal UV wavelength range for disinfection of biosafety cabinets?
- UVC with wavelength between 290 and 20 nm
How has UV light been used in research labs?
- As an effective way to disinfect bio safety cabinets
According to the CDC and NIH in the article, what are the two risks associated with over
exposure to UV light to humans
- Corneal burn
- Skin cancer
CJ Standard Operating Procedure is the written safety and health measures for hazardous
CJ Chemical Hygiene Plan provides prudent practices and procedures for use of chemicals
in the laboratory.
What are the advantages of UV light in laboratories
- It is an effective germicide and virucide
- UV light leaves no residue in comparison to other disinfectants, the
disinfecting actions stops upon de-energizing the bulb.
- It helps to prevent cross contamination of PCR samples.
CJ Lab Safety Manual is the document that addresses all the hazards in the laboratory
According to the article, what two steps should you take to protect yourself against UV
- Do not leave the UV light on over night, turn it off when working with the
- Wear Personal Protective Equipment such as safety glasses, latex gloves and
your lab coat
CJ USE AUTHORIZATION gives authorization to work with certain hazardous materials or
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