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Lecture 10

BIO SCI 94 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Ecosystem Services, Cyanobacteria, Algae

Biological Sciences
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Robin Bush

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Bio 94 Lec 10
~True or false? Organisms that exhibit alternation of generations reproduce
sexually in the diploid stage.
~The Plantae is a monophyletic group that descended from a common ancestor
that had engulfed a cyanobacterium.
Ch 31.1 Section headings form a list:
Plants provide ecosystem services
Plants build and hold soil
Plants hold water and moderate climate
Plants are primary producers
~Green algae and land plants provide ecosystem services:
~ They enhance the life-supporting attributes of the physical, nonliving
components of an ecosystem
Plants Provide Humans with Important Resources
~Plants provide most of our food supply as well as a significant percentage of our
fuel, fibers, building materials, and medicines.
Why group green algae & land plants?
There are many similarities in their chloroplast structure, cell walls, sperm
and other structures
Many metabolic processes in common
Their chloroplasts synthesize starch as a
storage product
Land plants evolved from green algae
Which is correct about the evolution of the land plants?
A) Land plants evolved from a member of the Charophyceae
B) Land plants and the Charophyceae evolved from a common ancestor
Nonvascular plants (bryophytes)
No vascular tissue.
How do they stay moist?
~ Ferns: No flowers or seeds, most need a lot of moisture
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