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BIO SCI 94 Lecture Notes - Polytomy, Maximum Likelihood Estimation, Polyphyly

Biological Sciences
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Nancy Aguilar- Roca

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Bio 94 Winter 2014 © Dr. Nancy Aguilar-Roca
Bio 94 Organisms to Ecosystems
Lesson #7
Jan 24, 2014
Reading: Chapter 26: pgs 536-544 (stop at Maximum
Parsimony and Maximum Likelihood); pg. 547-553
Bio 94 Winter 2014 © Dr. Nancy Aguilar-Roca
Learning Objectives
By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:
dene the following terms: branch point, sister taxa, root, basal taxon,
construct a phylogenetic tree using a table of shared derived characters
distinguish analogous structures from homologous ones
recognize monophyletic, paraphyletic and polyphyletic groups
discuss the pros and cons of molecular clocks
dene horizontal gene transfer

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Bio 94 Winter 2014 © Dr. Nancy Aguilar-Roca
Taxonomy & Phylogeny
how animals are classied evolutionary history
memorize the Linnaean classication scheme Fig. 26.3, 26.4
Bio 94 Winter 2014 © Dr. Nancy Aguilar-Roca
How to read a tree
Taxon A
Taxon B
Taxon C
Taxon D
Taxon E
Taxon F
Taxon G
Fig. 26.5
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