BIO SCI N110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Visual Cortex, Amblyopia, David H. Hubel

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Mon | 5. 6. 19 cortical plasticity in the developing visual cortex. Definition and historical background: definition: cortical plasticity is the process by which the developing cortex modifies its own functional organization following changes in the environment. Hubel and wiesel deprivation experiments and their implications to basic and clinical research. Question: could the cat see with the eye that was deprived: a: cats could not see from the previously closed eye (but the eye was otherwise normal) Question: was it light or form deprivation: a: it was form deprivation rather than light deprivation, fitting an eye with an opaque lens, which transmitted light but no visual pattern, led to identical results. Question: is it nature or nurture (genetic or environmental): a: both! Question: the ocular dominance column of the deprived eye were abnormally narrow in v1 (layer 4c). Question: cells in the layers of lgn obtaining input from the closed eye were smaller and less dense.