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Lecture 3

BIO SCI N110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Visual Cortex, Ocular Dominance, Cerebral Achromatopsia

Biological Sciences
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Fri | 5.3.19 The Primary Visual Cortex (V1) and Beyond
The layered organization of cortex
As a general rule, inputs and outputs tend to be organized in layers
Cortex has 6 layers
Pattern of input and output (e.g., V1)
The columnar organization of cortex
General rule of functional organization
Neurons with similar response properties are grouped together, typically in vertical 'columns'
extending through the thickness of the cortex
Ocular dominance columns (V1)
Inputs from both eyes mix for the time in V1

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What they look like in real life (injection of tracer in one eye) vs artistic reconstruction (scaled to
an index fingerprint)
Ocular dominance columns: binocular cells
Within a V1 column, there are some cells that receive input from only one eye (monocular cells)
However, most are binocular and have a dominant response for one eye
Identical receptive field characteristics (location, orientation, simple or complex) but
response is greater for one eye
Ipsilateral = same side; contralateral = opposite side
Ocular dominance columns: classes and distributions
The 7 categories of ocular-dominance
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