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Biological Sciences

Week 6 – 02/14/17 Other evidence of evolution: 1. Comparative anatomy 2. Embryology 3. Biogeography 4. Molecular Biology Evidence from: 1.Homologous structures: similarities that stem from having common ancestors a. Bone structure b. Can be homologous even though functions different c. Types of structures: i. Anatomical: as notes ii. Behavioral: ex. bird song, sexual posturing iii.Molecular: nucleotide sequence in DNA 2. Evidence in embryo not apparent in adult organism a. Ex.All vertebrates have pharyngeal pouches b. Homologous: fish -> gills, human and mammals -> Eustachian tubes that connect to M. ear and throat. 3.Study of geography distribution of species and populations. Species tend to be more closely related to those from nearby places 4.Universal code: all lifeform share certain molecular trait. Molecular analyze usually conform previous conclusion – COHERENCE – can use molecular homologies when other approaches insufficient History of life on earth: - Geologic time scale of earth: Eras, period, epochs - Each ear, period, epoch covers a series of major events, then punctuated by a catastrophic event From beginning: - Universe – 16 bya - Earth – 4.6 bya - Isoceans followed by origins of life: 3.8-4 bya - Animal forms today: 550 bya - Land Plants: 475 mya - Carboniferous period: 300 mya - Permian extinction (biggest extinction) 70-90% of life from extinct 250 mya - Flower pants (angiosperms) -110 mya - Extinction of dinosaurs – 65 mya - World maps looks familiar – 20 mya - Hominids 5-7 mya (spit from common ancestor with chimpanzees) Four major eras: 1.Precambrian Era: 4.6 bya – 550 mya a. Life exclusively unicellular fro most of earths history b. Oxygen virtually
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