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University of California - Irvine
Biological Sciences
Diane O' Dowd

Carbon and the Molecular Diversity of Life (Lecture 8 Part 1)  Organic compound = any compound with carbon in it  Hydrocarbons: Organic molecules made up of only carbon and hydrogen o Hydrophobic o Can release a lot of energy when undergoing reactions  Isomers: Compounds with the same number of atoms of the same elements, but with different structures (and therefore different properties) o Structural Isomers: Different arrangement in covalent bonds o Cis-trans Isomers: Different arrangement of double bonds  Cis isomer: Double bonds on the same side  Trans isomer: Double bonds on the opposite ends of each other o Enantiomers: Isomers that are mirror images of each other due to an asymmetric carbon (carbon that is attached to 4 other atoms)  Functional Groups o Chemical groups directly involved with reactions o Hydroxyl  Has an –OH bond  Alochols usually consist of them  Polar due to oxygen atom being more electronegative  Can form hydrogen bonds with water to help dissolve organic compounds o Carbonyl  C=O (Carbon double bond to Oxygen)  Make Ketones and Aldehydes (sugars)  Can be structural isomers  Found in sugars (ketones and aldoses) o Carboxyl  Carbonyl and Hydroxyl combi
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