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Biological Sciences
Rahul Warrior

Bio 97 Lecture 2 Purines have two rings. The difference in the size allows for the bonds of the DNA structure. G-C and A-T The interaction of pyrimidine and purines affect the way the DNA is. Strength of it is based on their shape and ability to form a H-bond. 2 hydrogen bonds betweenA-T and 3 bonds between G-C More bonds (GC) – harder to denature bc they have 3 bonds 5’ has the phosphate group Dehydration reaction is to remove a water molecule and to make DNA Start off with a DNA chain from 5’ to 3’ (refers to the different carbons on the deoxyribose) Two strands of DNA that are complementary of each other (have to have the opposite strand) One of the DNA strand has a 5’ phosphate and 3’ hydroxyl. Base pairing allows molecules to replicate One one of the DNA has a 5’ phosphate and a 3’ hydroxyl, the orientation are complementary to each other.ALWAYS 5’ phosphate and 3’ hydroxyl Parental DNA separates into two strands. Parental strands is the template for the new strand Replicates 5’ to 3’ Bacteria DNA replication -> feeding with nucleotides Most of the DNA is single stranded, but some have bubble areas where there are double strand The bubbles are where they start to replicate DNA replication moves in both directions which is circular Eukaryotes start has multiple origin of replication, and start off with bubbles on different
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