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Biological Sciences
Grant Mac Gregor

A. Clicker a. Polar body i. Small cell b. Degrade Cdc14 (Cdh1 phosphatase) for a cell about to enter mitosis i. Cell would be arrested in late anaphase B. Experiment a. Fusing a mitotic cell with a cell in interphase (G1) b. M + G1 c. Forms a heterokaryote d. Results i. Chromosomes in the G1 are being forced to condense ii. Nuclear envelope of G1 cell disassembles B. Progesterone a. Released by female ovaries after mating b. Induces G2-arrested oocytes to enter meiosis I c. Progress to second meiotic metaphase and get arrested again B. Oocyte maturation-promoting factor (MPF) a. Decreases after fertilization b. Causes G2-arrested oocyte to resume meiosis c. Meiosis i. Must destroy cyclin activity to exit meiosis II B. Cell-free test tubes a. Only include cytoplasm i. MPF is found in the cytosol ii. Cytoplasm from eggs + nuclei from sperm b. Cycloheximide i. Inhibits protein synthesis ii. Get first cycle, but stop after that. 1. Requires new protein synthesis to generate MPF each cycle B. Column Chromatography a. Proteins get
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