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Biological Sciences
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Grant Mac Gregor

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A. Number of amino acids to span the 3nm thick membrane of the cis-golgi as alpha helix a. 20 amino acids i. 3nm = hydrophobic region ii. 3.6 residues/turn iii. 1 turn = 0.54 nm B. Delta G plot a. Look at Y axis i. Either water-->octanol ii. Octanol-->water b. Get students started on memorizing AA B. AA a. 3 letter code b. Characteristics B. Predicting to see if proteins have a transmembrane domain a. Searching for a transmembrane domain i. Searches a window of 20 AA ii. Calculates average hydrophobicity b. Plots into a hydrophathy plot i. Nonpolar solvent ---> water 1. Usually A. Need 20 AA of hydrophobic character a. Length to span the membrane B. Charged AA can be present in hydrophobic regon a. Looks at the average region A. Bacteriorhodopsin a. Light-driven proton pump of bacteria b. 7 transmembrane domains i. Needs to be tested experimentally B. Conformational Change a. Determined by interactions between each AA b. Induced by i. Ligand ii. Posttranslational modification iii. pH, voltage, temp B. Transport Proteins a. Transporters i. Medium speed (10 -10 mol/s) ii. Uniporter iii. Symporter iv. Anitporter b. ATP Pumps i. Slowest speed (10 -10 ) 3 b. Ion channels 7 8 i. Highest Speed (10 -10 ) B. Transporter --> Conformational Change a. Has numerous binding sites i. Max # of bound sites 1. Vmax 2. Transporter is saturated b. Km i. Specific for each transporter ii. Affinity of the transporter for the solute iii. Relate to slope of Vmax chart A. Concentration gradient is in constant struggle with the elec
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