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Biological Sciences
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D104 Lecture 1 Office hours: Friday 3-4 pm Bio Sci III Room 2120 -exams are non-cumulative -old sample exams posted -final exam is March 20 (sectionA) -clicker questions are based on participation (can miss up to 6 lectures and won’t penalize you) -exam covers textbook +lecture material What is developmental biology? • the study of embryogenesis: a single cell gets fertilized and becomes an adult • body plan: know the different axes • cell-cell process and generation; interaction of many different cell types (cell communication) Why study developmental biology? • to understand the basis of developmental birth defects and human diseases Animal or embryo cloning • animal or embryo cloning has been done on the Macaque monkey, sheep, and frogs Regeneration • why some animals can regenerate limbs and others cannot Stem cell biology • there are many different types of stem cells (control muscle development or skin development, blood cell development, cardiac muscle development, and neural cell development) • stem cells maintain the homeostasis of the body • too many stem cells in the body can cause problems Prerformation vs. Epigenesis • Preformation: within the embryo, there is a small human like structure that continues to get larger as the individual ages • Epigenesis: a new structure arises progressively by going through a series of different stages Mosaic vs. regulative modes of development • Mosaic mode of development: a single cell (one celled) zygote contains specific determinants that are distributed unequally between the daughter cells (asymmetric cell divisioin)—two cleavages o One problem: if we have man
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