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Biological Sciences
Shin Lin

Major Goal of this Course Integrative medicine is a fast changing field. Therefore, emphasis of course is on teaching important principles and concepts rather than a large collection of facts and data Prepare students to follow current events and future developments in a critical and intelligent way Adapt a healthy life style on a long term basis Introduction of basic principles and practice of CAM: complementary and alternative medicine Brief introduction to history, principles, and practice of major CAM modalities Mind/body medicine Energy medicine Acupuncture therapies Manipulative therapies/massage Diet, dietary supplements, and herbal drugs Integration of CAM with western biomedical sciences Use of the latest biomedical technologies and clinical trial approaches to investigate biological Basis of CAM therapies Basics on cardiovascular function, brain and neuronal function, especially autonomic system (sympathetic vs parasympathetic control0, immune system, exercise physiology, molecular/cellular pharm Integration of the practice of CAM with western medicine Western medicine: medicine taught in medical school, not taught in medical school is called CAM CAM: chiropractor Teaching of self-help programs NBC Nightly News May 2008 Healthcare Crisis in the US/ Why Americans are turning to CAM Rapidly rising healthcare costs US #1 nation of healthcare cost per person $6700 th US ranks 28 in the world in health markers, betwee Singapore and Portugal and Bolivia Computer axial tomography (CAT or CT scan): put all pictures together Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): can see muscles, bones, and tissues Questionable value of MRI Expensive ~$1M, creating financial incentive for doctors and clinics Images showing “abnormalities” in knees and backbone may be quite normal for the age group and have no relation to reported pain, etc Patients undergo surgery based on diagnosis will not experience relief Questionable value of CT scans Expensive ~$1K, creating financial incentive for doctors and clinics Exposes patients with radiation >10X of standard xray New England journal of medicine article shows no benefit over conventional angiography in detection of blockage of blood vessels feeding the heart Defensive medicine: order CT scan to prevent law suit Healthcare crisis in the US Rapidly rising healthcare cost Over reliance on medications Determination in physical health Increase in mental illness ADD attention deficit disorder ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder OCD obsessive compulsive disorder PTSD post traumatic stress disorder Autism Emerging Diseases AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) Fibromyalgia: females complaining Antibiotic resistant infection Misuse and malpractice of western medicine 100,00 American died last year because of hospital errors or accidents, not counting medical malpractice Only 1 out of 7 errors that harm Medicare patients were reported Do we really need all these drugs Many FDA approved drugs work marginally better than placebo controls (Ambien, prozac) Every drugs has side effects, some are deadly Change in lifestyle more effectively and safer than drugs (diet, exercise, mind-body practices) Americans reached a mile stone More Americans are now obese (BMI>30 34%) compared to those who are merely overweight (BMI 25-29, 33%) Obesity shortens life by 2-4 years; the very obese could lose up to 10 years Obesity linked to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, etc Life expectancy is a health marker Waste in us health care According to 2009 report by price waterhouse Obesity is a Disease “You’re sick!” Diet and lack of exercise leads to obesity Rise of complementary and Alternative medicine (CAM) Alternative medicine (traditional medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, holistic medicine, naturopathy, etc) CAM Integrative medicine: integrate the use of evidence based CAM and western medicine for optial healing Evidence based: animal research, clinical trials Good medicine National center for CAM and national institutes of health NIH The CAM domains and whole medical systems Biologically based practices: things you take into your bo
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