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University of California - Irvine
Biological Sciences
Shin Lin

Lecture 2: Chiropractic Western: remove the symptoms, steill is the holistic view Back pain research: past history, pitfalls, and possibilities History of chiropractic care 1897 Daniel David palmer started a chiropractic school in iowa. Principles similar to those of osteopathy started a decade later: body as a machine whose part would be manipulated to produce a drugless cure by affecting blood and nerves. Palmer also concentrated on reducing “heat” from friction of misaligned parts Disputes: palmer denied osteopaths’ claimed that he went to Dr. Still’s American school of osteopathy and osteopaths began a national campaign resulting in the passing of legislation to protect their profession. Many osteopaths proclaimed that chiropractic was a bastardized from of osteopath Practicing medicine without a license led many early chiropractors including palmer, to be jailed 1906 son BJ palmer took control of school and began to accept use of technologies such as xray. Dr. solon langsworthy started the use of the term subluxation and published modern chiropractic 1963 AMA created committee on quackery with goals of containing elimination chiropractic 1966 AMA called chiropractic and unscientific cult and boycotted it until 1987 antitrust case. Until then it was unethical for MD’s to associate with unscientific practitioners Chiropractors more recently criticized as adding unjustified burden on insurance cost DC: doctor of chiropractic Subluxation Different meaning depending on the medical speciality involved. It implies the presence of an icomplete or partial dislocation of a joint or organ Vertebral subluxation is a chiropractic term that is used to describe myriad signs an dsymptoms thought to occur as a result of a misaligned or dysfunctional spinal segment. Chiropractors believe that a subluxation complex is a functional biomechnial spine lesion that can alter neurological function, which in turn is believed to cause NM and visceral disorders Chiropractice adjustments Most common treatment used by chiropractors: high velocity low amplitude HVLA trust 80+% of patient coming to chiropractic because of back pain Recent study conducted by a chiropractor school shows that HVLA no more effective than placebo control in randomized controlled trial High frequency low amplitude adjustment Osteopathy Based on the believe that abnormality in bone structure can lead to dysfunction of many internal organs 4 years of postgraduate training in osteopathic medical school DO recognized in CA as doctor Can be seen without authorization by MD Can enter residency programs for MD Can prescribe drugs and perform invasive procedures, including invasive procedures as surgery in specialty Can perform acupuncture without licensing Many if most DO through specialty training are not practicing manipulative therapies Chiropractic Based on the believe that ab SAME 3.5 years of postgraduate training in Chiropractic College Doctor of chiropractic recognize in CA as BR Can be seen without authorization by MD CANNOT enter residency programs for MDs Cannot prescribe drugs or perform any invasive procedures, including drawing blood samples Cannot perform acupuncture without licensing All DC are practicing chiropractic manipulation therapies and nothing else except those who received additional training in acupuncture etc Lecture 2: Naturopathy/ Naturalpathic Medicine ND: natural pathic dr Hippocrates, a physician who lived some 2400 years ago, is considered the earliest predecessor of naturopathic medicine. His teaching emphasized nature is healer of all diseases from which he created the concept vis medicatrix aturae the healing power of nature Naturopathic medicine first became a distinct profession in Germany in the id 1800 and officially founded by benedict lust ND Principles of naturopathic medicine: we can heal ourselves 1. The healing power of nature: naturopathic doctor recognizes that each individual possesses as inherent self-healing ability. We strive to support facilitate and promote this healing process by removing the obstacles to health. 2. 2. First do no harm: ND utilize the most natural, least invasive and least toxic therapies FIRST 3. 3. Identify and treat the cause: NP effectively addresses the underlying causes of illness rather than simply suppressing symptoms 4. Doctors as teacher: ND educate patient in the steps to achieving and maintaining optimal health 5. Prevention: BD is committed to identifying disease risk factors and offering patients appropriate interventions to prevent illness 6. Treat the whole person: ND acknowledge each individual as an integrated whole of spiritual, emotional, physical, mental and environmental influences and elements. Licenture of naturopathic medicine in the US As of Oct 03, naturopathic doctors
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