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Biological Sciences
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Shin Lin

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Lecture: inflammation Cytokines: messenger molecule Cell signaling protein Activate macrophages and other immune cells Many cytokines are proinflammatory What causes bad inflammation? Regulators vs triggers Triggers: age related wear and tear, physical injuries, infections, environmental stressors, allergies and food sensitivities, dietary imbalances deficiencies Lack of sleep is a big stress Inflammatoion regulators Proinflammator Is balanced by anti inflammatory Unhealthy inflammation if caused by EXCESSIVE pro inflammatory regulators Four Historical Dietary Shifts Lecture: mind body biology and medicine Mind and body both interact with each other ANS: automatic, no control Sympathetic function: fight or flight Parasympathetic function: relaxation response Sympathetic nervous action Innervation of vital organs Innervation of organs and tissues involved in immunity Innervation of adrenal glands: secretion of epinephrine/adrenalin and norepinephrine Effects of epinephrine: HR, SV, GI, muscles, blood sugar Messenger telling other parts to get ready to fight or flight if the signals are necessary Humoral action: HPA Axis Hypothalamus: secretion of vasopressin and corticotropin-releasing hormone BRH Primary gland: secretion of adrenocorticotropic hormone: ACTH Adrenal glands: secretion of cortisol “AHH, adrenal glands again” Cortisol: most common stress hormone Not electrical signals/nerves, this is hormones by blood This is long lasting Why zebras don’t get unclers: too smart to let stress bother them long term They only worry about short term danger We suffer from stress because we don’t run away from tiger The tiger is carried on our back Inhibitory effe
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