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Biological Sciences
Shin Lin

Time series of HRV, BP, Respiration, LEDF, During Deep Breathing Cycles Higher blood flow because heart beat faster upon breathing in Qigong type of breathing: slower to 4-6 times will see effect Control breathing is cumulative, if do opposite control then its not as good “when its good, its really good. When its bad, it’s still good” Qigong not to improve EEF or other pattern, but to improve qi Qi is an ancient abstract term which has no scientific definition Bioenergy: scientific term for qi, energy you can measure with instruments Measure temp to a tenth of a degree C Energy as heat and light Biophotons: blueish green in color 400-600nm in wavelengths Single photon counting Energy as electricity, very few photons and electrons Hand touch glass and sends pulse of electricity that charge up class and gives a electrical potential between the body and glass + charge then electrons are drawn out of body Electrons from body hit the air first and get gas discharge Measure electricity from each point: conductance of the tissue NOT just the skin Liver problems lead to a drop of conductivity of meridian, worst liver problem means worst drop Slow tai chi has more light emission than fast tai chi Slow nourishing energy, fast using energy Flow of electricity is increased after slow tai chi more than fast tai chi Up hand blood flow
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