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University of California - Irvine
Biological Sciences
Shin Lin

Low level of DC electric field can affect movement of cells and has implications in wound healing Electrotherapy for wound healing/healing in general From western medicine POV: not surprising Loss of energy is proportional the square of the distance Energy cut by square root of the distance String theory: something in one place can affect somewhere thousand of miles Subtle energy cannot be defines by physicists Human intension is a type of energy and can change random events Future researches should explain energy healing through 4 steps with placebo effect #1 #4modern physics Hand compressed air, etc proved by physics model Ten bricks on head, only enough energy for 10 bricks Cannot measure qi, but can measure bio energy markers Lec: Acupuncture If qi not right then in trouble Fix qi qith qigong or acupuncturist Adverse effect mainly tiredness>pain>blooding>needle retention>syncope Acupuncture good for everything Acupuncture discovered by accident Acupunctured continued because it worked No difference of acupuncture point from regular tissue in the past Present day No they don’t at specific class They exist from different various depth structure and or activity Acupuncture not fast like nerve conductance more like neur
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