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University of California - Irvine
Biological Sciences
Shin Lin

Lecture: mecahnisms for acupuncture Acupuncture studies in cats Arm sore an painful place needle at the point/local OR distal Systemic: high bp in cat has to do with heart and place needle at the forearm Endorphin releases as a pain killer therefore body gets pain relief From brain imaging study Place one hand in hot water and stick the needle in the other hand With the brain scan showing that the activation of brain center is decreased Localized effect: measure nitric oxide right at acupuncture point showing that with acupunction, the NO concentration goes up and if you place in another area no increase in NO NO will signal through cGMP cycle and relax smooth muscles In this case we get local vasodialation Antibodies Stick needle into acupuncture point, you gotta TWIRL needle Twirl slow and fast gives different signal, SAME needle, SAME point Use one acupuncture point to get two different effect** SHOWN on rats Instead of twisting the signal, we send electrical pulse, this is better and more efficient Electrical pulse is more accurate and does not relay on practicioners Pain relieve is reduces with antibodies proving that pain relief at 2hz is due to encaphalins bdingin to opiods receptors Not caused by enchaphalins but by something else: other endorphins/opiods High frequency due to dyn: dynorphins Anitbodies at MERK is good at low frequency and not high freq At 2Hz secrest MEK, at high frez send Dyn: secreting different endorphins that binds to opiod receptors Encephalin vs dynorphine Brain receptors that are deactivated by acupuncture CAT scan show which part of the brain is more activte from deoxyglucose Amygdala, caudate, singular, etc show an increase in receptivity and more brain cells to where opiod receptors bind With acupuncture: the brain involved in opiod pain relieve is more activated Needle enhances binding of opiods to receptors Adenosine is a signaling molecule for pain relief and anti inflammatory Acupuncture increases adenosine concentration: short term, localized, and dramatic effect Use A1 receptor KO mice then there is no result from this acupuncture Adenosine was turned on, pain relief was found without acupuncture Pain relief, anti inflammatory, and increase NO/blood flow ACUPUNCTURE** More than 80% of acupuncture point and 50% of meridian area coincide with inter or intramolecular connective tissue planes Tent and then twirl, pulls lo
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