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University of California - Irvine
Biological Sciences
Shin Lin

To tonify medicine is not as good as with food Eat foods is also better than loading up on pills Glycemic index ORAC score: antioxidants Reactive oxygen mostly from leakage of activated oxygen from mitochondria during normal oxidative respiration Oxidative stress: too much free radical ^from took much reaction of oxygen and body unable to detoxing this resulting in damage to the body ORAC oxygen radical absorbance capacity: to what extent is the ability to reduce free radicals Eat all natural food Heart healthy LDL is bad because bring cholesterol into cells and tissues HDL and take them out the body and excrete away High fat feeding has hyperlipidemia results in lipogenic gen e expression as in the body making more cholesterol Tree nuts are good, ground nuts are bad Trans fat is bad because they raise LDL and lowers HDL Trans fat are good for storage This damge cell lining blood vessels, leading to inflammations Good to add good bacteria: probiotics If there are lots of good ones than they bad bacteria has no where to grow Probiotics: yogurt, not frozen yogurt: not enough live ones lefts Flavonoids have hormonal activities related to breast cancers Green tea low in c
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