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Biological Sciences
Shin Lin

Dietary supplements 522227A dietary supplement doesnt cure a disease It is claimed for enhancement structure and functionReport adverse effectsTraditional Chinese medicine treats the whole personTo Tonify is to strength the body to avoid dysfunction and diseaseTo Tonify with food is better than to Tonify with medicine Herbs are seeds bearing plants without stems that die down to ground after flowering All medications are 30 poisonDietary supplements is anything but a medicineDrug companies have to keep track of adverse effects and dietary supplementsAnimal parts are also part of herbal medicineRDA is the recommended daily allowance at least 100 of RDA is needed daily to keep you healthy Its the minimum amountScurvy is vitamin c deficiencyAntiinflammatoryoItis means inflammatoryoIf body is healthy you dont get it is inflammatoryoIf you compare ancestral die cavemenoWhite sugar white rice is all processedoYou want ORAC score to be highoTo regular inflammation you needwholeness low glycemic index omega 6 3 ratio and ORAC scoreoHydrogenated trans fat to last longer on the shelvesoLow glycemic food takes longer to be digested
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