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Biological Sciences
Shin Lin

Western Medicine Problems Health Crisis In the US1 COSTSStill leading in the world but costs per person going up by a lot Rank 28 in world in health markerspaying a lot more than value we are gettingWHYpowerful machines cat scans MRI1000 Xrays highly costive high amount of training can be missed example order scan when not necessary with money as incentivesexample XRAY older man worn out knee surgery to remove older worn out tissue got it removed but pain wasnt caused excessive tissueit has to do with nervesexpensive method diagnosis techniquewastedcostlyno relief for patientCat scan typically 100010X radiation of chest xray lead to cancerdangerous costly Example New England Journal no benet over angiographyMORE MONEY SPENT DOESNT NECCESSARLY MEAN IMPROVED HEALTH2OVER USE OF MEDICATIONSTop 10 selling drugs in world US takes up over half the total percent of themEXAMPLE DURG LIPITOR GLOBAL 103 BIL US 6 BILWE BUY MOST OF THE PERSCRIPTION DRUGSTop 10 drugs for self inicted conditions pain killer high cholesterol high blood pressure anxiety diabetes etcAll of these drugs approved by FDA based on clinical trails positive or negative effect perform better than placebo signicant some work really well but MOST work only marginally better than placebo pill work just not to wellEvery time you put a pill in your body it usually will have some sort of side effect that is bad rare to notFor things like high blood pressure etc change life style diet excursive mind body excercizes TiCHi Yogaless stress lower blood pressurelower dosages of drugs being takenetc may be more effectivemuch saferhealtherEVER DRUG YOU TAKE HAS POSTIVE AND SEVERLY NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTSSome medications dont even work well though example ambient sleep med only 15 min earlier people feel asleep but still got approved cuz it was a differenceit has side effects of sleep walking
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