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Biological Sciences
Peter A.Bowler

E182 Lec 1 -8 lectures -1 midterm week 5, 1 final -marsh tour Notes • Mediterranean Basin origin for the Mediterranean climate about 5 mill yrs ago • As you move towards the equator, it gets warmer • Mediterranean Basin is the largest part of this world that has a Mediterranean climate (memorize pattern**) • interior land heats and cools more vs. maritime (coastal) climates • As air rises, it cools • 4-5 basic types of vegetations that exist from the north to the south • most of the Mediterranean ecosystems have poor soils (selection for vegetation) The Floristic Kingdoms • Med. Basin and California are in theArctic kingdom • South Africa in the Cape Kingdom • Australian in theAustralian kingdom • The continents shared flora long ago before plate tectonics Characteristic fire regime: • fires are natural events in most Mediterranean-climate ecosystems • There are distinctly different forms of fire regimes with respect to vegetation • shrubs are fire-resistant (give rise to root-sprouting after hit by fire) • after fire, you can get various vegetation (don’t memorize slide 29) Med. type ecosystem areas and species richness • greatest species richness in the Mediterranean basin, then SouthAfrica, then SW Australia, then California, then Central Chile The Cape region has the greatest plant species richness Threats to the ha
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