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Biological Sciences
Peter A.Bowler

e109 lecture muscle cells—the OTHER electrically excitable cell muscle cells (muscle fibers) also generate action potentials -more negative in their resting potential -steps for action potential are the same in a neuron action potential 1) Action potential from CNS happens first (neuron action potential) 2) muscle action potential happens second muscles tend to have a pull. Force is referred during the latent period Three types of muscles 1. skeletal; striated; multiplenucleate (multiple nuclei) 2. cardiac: only found in the heart; striated; branch; attached to each other by intercalated disks 3. smooth: associated with viscera (internal organs that are not skeletal muscles); line the visceral organs; do not branch =Skeletal muscles are usually in antagonist pairs (Flexion vs. Extension) +Flexion: bicep muscle contracts (flexor) + Extension: Tricep muscle contracts Start with skeletal muscles muscle fiber =single muscle cell muscle fibers bound together in a muscle fascicle (bundle of muscle fibers) nerves will be both afferent (bring in sensory info) and efferent -Sarcolemma =cell membrane of muscle cell; “sarco” is common prefix for muscle cell components -sarcoplasmic reticulum: endoplasmic reticulum voltage propagated along the cell membrane -Force generate in the myofibrils (thick and thin filaments) Arrangement of myofibrils inside muscle fiber make the muscle appear “striated” -repeating elements -don’t memorizeAband, Z disk, but should know “sacromere”: 1 complete unit Thick filaments and thin filaments -sacromere from first Z disk to second Z disk Z disk is where the thin filaments attach -filaments are
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