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Lecture 9

CHEM 51LB Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Diethyl Ether, Separatory Funnel, Miscibility

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Susan King

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Sabrina Corral (27092320)
Chem51LB (402013)
August 28, 2017
Experiment 4
Purpose and Introduction
1. What is the purpose of the lab? What techniques were performed to accomplish the purpose
of this experiment? What were are the reagents involved, were they given or unknown?
a. The purpose of the lab was to perform an acid-base extraction using NaOH as the
base and HCl as the acid to separate then identify one these unknown acidic
compound 2-cholorobenzoic acid, 3 chlorobenzoic acid, or 3-methylbenzoic acid.
The reagents were flourene, diethyl ether, NaOH, HCl, and one of these unknown
compounds listed above.
2. What techniques were used to identify and purify the product of the reaction involved?
a. Recrystallization was performed to purify the separated product from the acid base
extraction and melting ranges of the unknown recrystallized product and the given
standard was performed to identify the product.
3. What are the important factors of an extraction? Describe the extraction used in this
experiment? What do you need to perform an extraction?
a. The importance of an extraction is to isolate an organic compound, in this case the
unknown acid, from a mixture using a base to deprognate it and then introducing an
acid to prognated in order to identify the acidic. This equilibrium distribution is
performed in a separatory funnel where two immiscible layers are observed in a
presence of a solvent, in this case it is diethyl ether. The top layer is the organic layer
and the bottom layer is the aqueous layer for this experiment. The idea of an
extraction in a separatory funnel is based off the solubility of the mixture. For this
experiment the unknown is a mixture of an acid and flourene which will appear in
the organic layer, in order to separate it the addition of a base like sodium hydroxide
will separate the wanted compound to the aqueous layer. Then the addition of an acid
to the aqueous layer will result in the crude acidic product while the flourene will
remain in the organic layer with diethyl ether.
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