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Lecture 1

CHEM H90 Lecture 1: The Idiom and Practice of Science (04/03/17)

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LECTURE 1 Monday, April 3, 2017 The Idiom and Practice of Science Scientific Introduction: Everything is molecular All of everyday stuff is the stuff of chemistry Molecules are made of atoms An atom has a nucleus plus electrons o All of chemistry basically happens in the electrons Electrons obey quantum mechanics o Schroedinger equation o Schroedingers cat o Heisenberg uncertainty principle o Energy levels quantized o Determines colors of everything o Nuclei behave classically Stars in the visible universe: 10 o This is including all the visible light that has arrived on Earth since the universe began 13 billion years ago Atoms are real o nm = 10 of a meter We can see atoms and move them Atoms are small o If you zoom in 10 million times to a salt crystal, you have an atom If atoms were the size of melons, a single salt crystal would be the size of the moon o If you zoom in 10 million times to Earth, you have a bouncy ball Different flavors: Atoms are the alphabet of chemistry o Periodic table of elements Elements are divided in various ways Most importantly, nonmetals and metals Atoms stick together to make molecules Everything is chemistry! (e.g.) detergent, aspirin, cannabis, etc. Introduction to the structure of the course First five weeks o Atoms and ions o Quantum mechanics o Molecules Second five weeks
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