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Lecture 6

CHEM H90 Lecture 6: The Bizarro World of the Quantum (04/14/17)

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LECTURE 6 Friday, April 14, 2017 The Bizarro World of the Quantum Quantum View 1901 first signs of breakdown of classical view of mechanics when particles are small 1926 Schrodinger equation Light is also particles Electrons are also waves Everything is quantized Single most important physics discovery in 20 century for everyday matter LIGHT Light can sometimes act as a particle The particle is called a photon Each photon has energy hv (Plancks equation), v is frequency The more intense the light, the more photons Explains photoelectric effect (Einstein, 1905), where only light of high enough frequency can free electrons from metals The shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency, the greater the energy Plancks constant, h SI unit of energy is the joule (J) 1 J is potential energy of small (0.1 kg) apple 1 m off the ground h = 6.62606957 x 10 34J s (very small) A photon of orange light has: o Wavelength 600 nm o Frequency 5 x 10 Hz14 o Energy of 3.31 x 10 19J (E=hv) A mole of orange photons has 200 kJ Clicker quiz 12 10 The wavelength of gamma rays is about 10 m, but is only 10 for hard Xrays o Xrays are lower in energy than gamma rays FRANCISCA: EXPERIMENT Chemical Reaction: Decompensation of hydrogen peroxide (H O ) 2 2 o You usually use it for cleaning wounds, sterilizes injuries via killing bacteria cell walls in your wound o Theres usually an expiration date, 6 months Decomposes into water and oxygen gas within 6 months o Dark bottle because UV light will speed up the decomposition a little bit
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