CRM/LAW C100 Lecture 7: C100 Lecture 7

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University of California - Irvine
Criminology, Law and Society

20170425 Lecture 7 Macro Explanations of Domestic Violence Patriarchystructuralized explanation Legitimization of Violencecultural explanation Patriarchy and Intimate Partner Violence Society is organized around male dominance and female subordination that is reproduced in virtually all social settings, including the family Characteristics of Patriarchal Organization Facilitating Intimate Partner Violence Gender Inequality Greater access to resources for men nd devaluation of women Weakening of moral restraints against violence against women Women objectified, with dehumanization facilitating violence Meaning of femininity vs. masculinity Abuse of women is an inevitable consequence of their subordination: reaffirm male authority and dominance respond violently when male privilege is threatened, eroded, or taken away Gender is cultural, sex is biological Puzzling Evidence Intiate violence within gay and lesbian relationships as common as in heterosexual relationships Controlling tendencies of one partner associated with violence against the other partner in such relationships If patriarchy is the source of male violence against women, how can patterns of control and violence in samesex relationships be explained? Legitimization of Violence: Hanging, Gas chamber, Electric Chair, Gurney, Police Brutality Legitimization of Violence Circumstances under which violence is tolerated, normalized, or condoned increase the chances of violence spilling over into other social settings. For example, Brutalization effects of the death penalty Violence following involvement in war Intergenerational transmission of violence Violence as a reaction to perceived injustice or brutality of police
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