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Lecture 3

CRM/LAW C100 Lecture 3: C100 Lecture 3

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Criminology, Law and Society
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20170411 Lecture 3 Prelude to Assessing the Prevalence of Domestic Violence: The Issue of Measurement Oxford Dictionaries 2016 international word of the year: PostTruth According to Oxford Dictionaries: PostTruth it means, relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less inuential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal beliefs. Post doesnt mean after. It means Truth (with a T) is irrelevant think beyond truth Truthiness. It means believing something that feels true, even if it isnt supported by fact Previous international word of the year close in meaning was truthiness, designated as such by MerriamWebster in 2006 It means believing in something that feels true, even if it isnt supported by fact PostTruth and truthiness both disregard objective facts Social and behavioral science relies on objective facts Enter Bergstrom and West Two Key Questions as We Move Forward 1. What lies behind the production of facts: Are they valid and reliable? Answering this question requires a careful assessment of sources of info and the derivation of objective measures 2. Even if objective facts are valid and reliable, do we selectively use them to substantiate our knowledge claims, or do we use the full spectrum of facts that may or may not substantiate those claims? Selectivity Builds in Bias Now were back to a form of truthiness preconceived notions of truth supported by a cherrypicking of facts to support those notions Using the full spectrum of facts, irrespective of our preconceived notions of truth, tests the validity of our knowledge claims Assessing the various sources of info on the frequency, seriousness, and pervasiveness of domestic violence is vital in addressing these two questions The Difcult Question of Measurement How can we accurately identify and count the exact number of perpetrators, victims, and acts of violence in family and familylike relationships, that is, intimate violence? Prevalence of Violence Prevalence is the percentage of a population involved in one or more acts of some form of intimate violence in a specied t me period Incidence of Violence Incidence is the frequency with which acts of some form of intimate violence occur in a specied time period Involvement can be as a perpetrator or as a victim of such acts; so estimates can be of the prevalence or incidence of perpetration (did you do it?) or victimization (was it done to you?)
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