CRM/LAW C175 Lecture 4: Crim C175 Lecture 4 Week 4

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University of California - Irvine
Criminology, Law and Society
Mc Cleary

Crim C175 Lecture 4 Week 4 4/25/2017 4:07:00 AM Review and some points over the first midterm • LA county jail is the biggest one; probably the largest mental health hospital in that jail; almost 20,000 prisoners in the LA county jail • Policing is not described in the US Constitution at all; militia is described, but not police • Police function and policing are not described in the Federalist Papers either • The only crime that Aristotle wrote about was fraud, which Athenians could not understand how one person could use their relationship to another person to con them out of money How many police officers are there in New York City? • Close to 50,000 NYC Police Department has a problem with petty corruption and this can be traced back to their problem with salary Sheriff’s offices = political Police department = professional Dark side of civil service = civil service examinations can be a vale for discrimination The way civil service is applied and enforced can be bad Civil service promotions is a progressive era reform, and they were meant to keep things honest The police chief reports to a mayor or city manager Budget is ½ a municipal budget; police budget can be really squeezed and that can be a problem Sheriff is also the coroner and has very wide latitude in promotions and demotions Somehow, the sheriff has to get sworn officers who are willing to work in the jail Sheriff reports to the board of county supervisors and has a political budget Last but not least, because of this very widespread power to promote and demote and because of the constant need for political contributions, sheriff’s departments are quite prone to scandal 2004: Sheriff's Charity Group Probed • In connection with an IRS investigation, Federal Grand Jury subpoenas financial records held by a non-profit charity established by Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona shortly after his election. • Los Angeles Times: Foundation raises $22,000 between 1999, the year Carona took office, and 2000. o 2001: Foundation raises $625,050, gives $15,000 to the Hispanic Education Endowment Fund. o 2002: The Foundation raised $100,000, gave away $199,800 and declared an ending balance of $484,159. o 2002: Business associate of Assistant Sheriff Jaramillo launders $200,000 contribution to Carona, pretending that it came from multiple donors. 2004: Graft and Corruption • 2004: OCSD Assistant Sheriff George Jaramillo charged with criminal conflict of interest and misusing deputies, sheriff’s patrol cars and a helicopter for private gain. While employed as a consultant for CHG Safety Technologies Jaramillo promoted a car immobilizing device, staging demonstrations for the OCSD and other agencies. • Sheriff Carona says that he had warned Jaramillo about a potential conflict of interest should he accept a position with CHG. Carona says that Jaramillo never brought it up again. Carona later fires Jaramillo. • Jaramillo eventually pleads no contest to one felony and serves six months. Sister-in-law Erica Hill hired by CHG. • George Jaramillo o Ex-Garden Grove PO, leaves under a cloud and is hired by then-friend Sheriff Mike Carona as second in command of the OCSO. 2005: More Graft and Corruption • 2005: Jaramillo’s sister-in-law Erica Hill charges that she had sex with Jaramillo as a teen-ager and that she had sex with Sheriff Carona four times in exchange for a promise to make her husband a deputy. • Carona never hired Erica Hill’s husband. Erica Hill and Husband separate. • Erica Hill’s allegations revealed when Grand Jury testimony in case against Jaramillo is “leaked.” Hill and Carona ask California Attorney General to investigate the “leak.” • Erica Hill’s allegations against “America’s Sheriff” do not results in any charges. 2005: Selling badges • OC Sheriff Mike Carona gives badges (and hence, police powers) to 86 friends, relatives and campaign supporters o Those who got badges and guns included businessmen who hosted fundraisers and contributed funds to Corona’s campaign. o Others were friends and relatives of Assistant Sheriff Donald Haidl who established the reserve program. Haidl attempted to get “special consideration” for his son who was charged and convicted of rape. • California Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training revokes badges on grounds that recipients are either unqualified, untrained or had not passed necessary background checks. • Despite an official finding that these reserve deputies lacked necessary training, Sheriff Carona tried to get them reinstated. 2007: Beginning of the End • 2007: Secretly indicted on tax charges, Haidl and Jaramillo turn on Carona, accuse him of selling his office by accepting cash and gifts from Haidl and doling out badges and gun permits to contributors • 2007: Grand Jury returns multi-count indictment against Carona,
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