CRM/LAW C7 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Sentenced, Thesis Statement, Apa Style

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Crime Control Model
Goals- the repression of crime
Ideas about liberty
Threat to liberty is crime, crime prevents people from enjoying their freedom.
The better we repress crime, the freer a society feels
Like an assembly line, starts with the realizing that the criminal justice system has to handle lots
of volume with few resources and not a lot of time.
Back laws, a lot of evidence and not enough people to process them
The most valuable evidence is most important, if people can be proven guilty or innocent early
on then their case is down.
Efficiency is most important, process a lot of cases in a short amount of time
Based on informality
Plea deal- if someone is charge for a crime and set for trial, they can take a plea deal to not go to
trial and less of a punishment.
Uniformity- if bringing large amount of cases, they treat them all the same to make the process
go faster.
Finality- Want ruling and decisions to be final. Reduce in deterrence
Due Process Model
Goals- Fairness in law
Threat to liberty- incarceration and stigma
Treats everyone fairly
If the government is going to take freedom away it has to be fair
It is slaw, but more of an obstacle course
Reduces number of mistakes, makes the state work harder to convict someone
Maximum efficiency- tyrany. Allos the state to creates puishets that effect people’s lies.
Adjudication process- investigation piece
Everyone should hear their evidence against them have the ability to fight the evidence
Low demand for finality
Not convicting innocent and letting guilty people go.
Forces the state to be careful and hard to put someone away
Legitimacy of system
-Crime Control
Relies upon enforcement of laws
Classical school of thought- if people think they can get away with crime, then people wont
follow the laws and there will be chaos
-Due Process
Relies upon fairness of system
People o’t follo las if they do’t thik they are fair
How willing people are to follow laws under a system if they are fair under the constitution
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