DANCE 3 Lecture 2: 4/6/17 Lecture Notes

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University of California - Irvine
Deborah Messina- Kleinman

4/6: Dance 3 Lecture Notes Question: Health and Wellness are the absence of disease Answer: False. One may not have an infectious or chronic disease but still be less than healthy. Health is more than just the physical. The goal is to achieve optimal health in each of the 9 dimensions. Question: Life expectancy has almost doubled since the early 1900s, primarily due to advances in public health and preventative medicine. Answer: True. Public Health achievements of the past century • Safer workplaces • Fluoride in the drinking water • Vaccination for childhood diseases • Recognition of tobacco as a health hazard • Affordable care Act Leading Causes of death (all ages!) • Heart disease • Cancer • Lung disease • Stroke • Unintentional injuries • Alzheimer’s • Diabetes • MEMORIZE THESE IN ORDER Lifestyle factors • D: Diet • I: Inactive lifestyle • S: Smoking • A: Excessive alcohol use. Table 1.1 in the textbook: tells you which lifestyle is connected to each leading cause of death. Heart disease accounts for 596,000 deaths, all four of those are contributing factors for heart disease. Leading causes of death for Americans ages 15-24 (Table 1.3) • Accidents (motor vehicle and all other accidents) Accounts for 40% of deaths • Suicide • Homicide • Cancer • Heart Disease Question: Today’s leading causes of death are primarily due to lifes
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