DANCE 3 Lecture 1: 4/4/17 Lecture Notes

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Deborah Messina- Kleinman

Dance 3: 44 Lecture Notes Lecture 1 TA: Vanessa Kanamoto ([email protected]) MAKE SURE YOU SUBMIT ALL ASSIGNMENTS IN PDF FORMAT ALSO CHANGE THE ASSIGNMENT NAME TO YOUR NAME AND THE TITLE OF THE ASSIGNMENT room 380 and 382 in langson for office hours 9 Dimensions of Health and Wellness Physical (actual physical health, do you have a sickness?) Emotional (how your emotions are handled and how you read others emotions) Intellectual (what youre doing in school and what youre learning about) Interpersonal (also can be called social health and is how you relate to others) Spiritual (spiritual is bigger than religion. It is how connected you are to living things on our planet and maybe bigger than our planet. It has a lot to do with your personal connection to other living things) Cultural (how you relate to people who have a different culture than you or different in any way in fact) Environmental Financial Occupational These are all interdependent and interconnected Changes in one dimension affects others, positively or negatively Wellness: Optimal health and vitality (making conscious decisions that affect risk factors) Health: overall condition of body or mind Wellness: New Health Goals Interdependent and interconnected US 1900s vs. Today o Morbidity vs. mortality Infectious disease o Life expectancy has nearly doubled o Impaired life (quality of life diminishes) Chronic disease There are advances in public health efforts and vaccines o Vaccinations for childhood diseases
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