EARTHSS 270 Lecture 8: Lecture Notes

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Earth System Science

Susintable Ocean Lecture 1. 4317 Class Themes o How are we connected to the marine environment? o What are the human impacts to the oceans? What is the science behind the impact? o How can we make changes in policy or society to make the oceans more sustainable for the future? What is Sustainability? o A condition in which natural systems and social systems survive and thrive together indefinitely. o Meeting the needs of todays without compromising the needs of tomorrow. o If we take from our environment today without giving anything back, the future will be impacted. o People, planet, prosperity. How are we connected to the oceans? That is, why are the oceans important to protect? o Climate regulation o Food provisioning o Biodiversity maintenance o Energy (gas, oil) o Cultural Services (recreation, tourism) o Economic services What are the threats to the marine environment that youre aware of? o Habitat loss (dredging, urbanization, fishing practices, aquaculture) o Overfishing o Invasive Species Scorpion fish. Used in a case study o Climate change ocean acidification ( two most pressing environemental issues we have) How it impacts sea level and chemistry of the ocean. o Pollution, trash and plastic, chemical, pollution of sound. o Resource extraction. Sand. Oil. Class will focus on how physical, chemical, and biological factors influence productivity in the oceans, how humans may impact the sustainability of the oceans, and the steps we can take to ensure a more sustainable future. A Brief History of Life on Earth o Earth is 4.5 Billion Years Old o of the plant is covered in ocean water, the water came from volcanic gases o The Lunar impact formed our moon. Where did the ocean originate? o Early earth was volcanically very active! o Volcanic Gases are primarily h2o o This water raised to the atmosphere, when water condensed It created the water to create oceans. o The atmosphere develops frm volcanic gases.
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