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Lecture 14

EARTHSS 3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 14: Walker Circulation, Indian Ocean, Downwelling

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Earth System Science
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ENSO and Hurricane
- Always get upwelling if surface water moving away from land; more ocean life due to
upwelling because all the nutrients from the ocean floor rise to the surface
- Always get downwelling if surface water moving toward land
• Be able to describe the different phases of ENSO, explain why they occur, and identify
the phases from diagrams
- Walker circulation: east-west circulation in atmosphere, driven by changes in temp
across equatorial regions
- Transport of warm surface water
- Warm water from africa area move to asia
- The wind starts the processcoastal wind
• Be able to explain how El Niño and La Niña years typically affect humans and
- El nino: warm phrase; rain in north and south america
- In 1997-98 caused 2100 deaths and 433 billion $ in damages
- More hurricanes, collapsed in fishery
- Ecosystems: unusual marine life, more precipitation, very active pacific hurricane
- La nina: cold phrase; rain in africa and asia
- Both affects global temperature
- Increase
Be able to describe what a hurricane is and identify which hemisphere a hurricane is
from an image
- Hurricane
- About 600 km wide
- Intense low pressure in center creates strong winds
- Last several days
- Atlantic and east pacific: hurricane
- West pacific: typhoons
- Indian ocean and australia: cyclones
Be able explain where hurricanes occur and why
-The center of a hurricane is low pressure. Is this hurricane in the northern or southern
hemisphere moving to the right: northern
-hurricane moving to the left: southern
- From the northern hemisphere winds are deflected to the right
- From southern winds deflected to the south
- when do you think the peak time will be for hurricanes near Australia?
- aug to sept
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