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Lecture 5

EDUC 107 Lecture 5: Preconception and Conception (04/17/17)

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EDUC 107

LECTURE 5 Monday, April 17, 2017 Preconception and Conception (Ch. 3) What happens during each period of prenatal development? Conception is when the sperm and the egg meet 800 million sperms are delivered but only one gets in the egg Zygote the first 2 weeks o Outer cells become placenta Placenta is the organ that attaches to the uterine wall and how the baby gets foodnutrients and also serves as a filter so that any toxins that come into the mom can get filtered out o Inner cells become embryo The embryo becomes the baby o Implementation This is when the pregnancy takes The placenta to implement to the uterine wall, so that the baby attaches to the mom Embryo weeks 3 through 8 o Outer layer (ectoderm) becomes skin, nerves, sense organs o Middle layer (mesoderm) becomes muscles, bones, the circulatory system and some organs o Inner layer (endoderm) becomes the digestive system, lungs urinary tract, and glands Fetal week 8 to birth o Brain development accelerates Brain is growing really rapidly o Quickening fetal movements mother can feel In around 4 months, the mom can feel the baby move In the beginning, it feels like butterflies in your stomach Sex differentiation begins at conception o Ovum (one egg) or ova (plural eggs) Females = XX chromosomes Males = XY chromosome The sperm determines the sex of the baby o Henry VIII was a dummy When sex is X meets X (or Y), do we automatically become feminine or masculine? o In behaviors and preferences those are social constructs o Sex and gender are not the same thing Sex is biological Gender is created, a construct
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