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Lecture 6

EDUC 107 Lecture 6: Motor Development (04/19/17)

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EDUC 107

LECTURE 6 Wednesday, April 19, 2017 Motor Development Early and Middle Childhood Early Childhood (birth age 8) Motor skills are broken down into two types: Gross Motor o Large movements such as running, jumping, climbing, and throwing Fine Motor o Smaller movements (involving hands and fingers) such as picking up small objects or tying shoes o (e.g.) using chopsticks, coloring inside the lines How do children learn motor skills? By experience and opportunities o Observe the behavior and see how its done o By having the opportunity to do and experience it, to try new things (e.g., picking up cheerios) Opportunities come from playing with different toys, trying new things Children all over the world can be observed drawing. In context o Think Bronfenbrenner It happens in the microsystems, in all the different places the child goes. Thats where the opportunities and experiences are In certain cultures, families still handfeed their babies (4yearolds) and thats their way of interacting with the children Yet the children are missing out on the opportunity of developing their fine motor schools o Build up those motor skills and muscles by playing with them, engaging those motor skills through normal daily activities Myrtle McGraw Interactionist who believed that both maturation and experience contribute to motor development An interactionist is someone who believes that nature and nurture interact with one another to promote development o Children need physical maturation and exposure to opportunity in order to grow their motor skills Middle Childhood (ages 610) Children become more coordinated
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