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Lecture 11

EDUC 107 Lecture 11: Family Structure and Parenting (05/08/17)

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EDUC 107

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LECTURE 11 Monday, May 8, 2017 Family Structure and Parenting Three biggest socializing agents in a child’s life: • Parents • Siblings • Peers Household Structure • Cultural conception of a family? o Nuclear, biological families • Postmodern Family – fluidity o Two parents o Single parents o Married and unmarried couples o Multi-generational households • Fluid, the family structure and dynamic changes 2 parents vs. 1 parent households • Higher incomes o More money because two potential incomes, assuming both parents work • Home ownership o It’s easier to own a home when you have the money to pay for it • Move less often • Fewer symptoms of depression/anxiety reported o The mothers tend to report fewer symptoms because more stability Parenting styles • Authoritarian o Tend to be low in loving, but still controlling • Authoritative o Most preferable o High in responsiveness and high in control, high expectations but loving • Permissive o Low in control and low in responsiveness o Parents try to be their best friend, care • Disengaged, uninvolved, detached o Low in everything Divorce – nearly half • Decrease in family income o Divide the same amount of money between two sets of households, expenses • Abandonment (or fear of) • Diminished parenting o Maybe it was easier when there were two parents to control behavior o Parenting style often changes after divorce ▪ (e.g.) authoritative  authoritarian • Stresses become more overwhelming without help • P
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